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Curisle N.V. (“we”, “our”) is committed to protecting the privacy of any personal information you provide to us or that we collect about you (“Personal Information”). Your name, address, date of birth, credit card information, gaming history, account information, and other information we may have about you are examples of personal information. Personal information is defined as information that can be used to identify or relate to you. We are the controller (sometimes referred to as the “data controller”) in relation to your personal data. As far as the law is concerned, we are the controllers. This means determining why your personal data is being processed.

We ensure that our processing of your personal information complies with the data protection laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. As a result, we have explained how we use your personal information in this Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time, so we recommend that you check it frequently. We will notify you if there are material changes to this Privacy Policy.

How KRwin Collects Personal Information

To register with us and create an account, you will be required to submit your personal information. This is because we need it to run our websites and mobile applications. You do not need to provide us with any personal information. However, some personal information is necessary for us to provide services to you (for example, to allow you to play games on the website), and we may not provide you with information that we request if you choose not to disclose that information. You may not be able to. To receive certain services.

We also collect data about your transactions, including details of the credit card you use. We may use surveys that we conduct ourselves or hire companies to conduct on our behalf to collect personal information. We also collect data about how you use our services, mobile apps and websites. We also collect other information necessary to process your personal information for the reasons described in this Privacy Policy.

We also process your name, address and any other personal information you wish to share in public sections of our website.

We may also obtain personal information from external service providers, such as fraud prevention companies.

We may also use “cookies” to collect information about you, including the IP address of your device, which we consider to be personal information. The ‘Cookies’ section below contains further information about the cookies we use.

How Do We Use Your Personal Data?

We only process your personal data for legitimate reasons in accordance with data protection regulations. These bases apply to your personal information: (i) where it is necessary for us to perform our contractual obligations to you; (ii) where we are required to do so by law or regulation; (iii) processing is in the public interest; (iv) you have given consent; (v) Where processing your personal information is in our legitimate interests, as long as it does not prejudice your rights, freedoms or interests.

The purposes for which we process your personal information are listed below along with the legal basis for those purposes.

The following outlines the legal basis for our various account management and service delivery plans. Initially, it is considered that the performance of the Agreement requires the creation, management and administration of a User Account, including processing transactions. In the same vein, providing services such as providing games to customers falls into this group. Additionally, where the contract relates to our services, responding to user communications and requests is essential to the performance of our obligations. In all other cases, consent or legitimate interest is required. It is permitted to inform users about modifications to the Platform if it is necessary to fulfill contractual obligations or if it serves our legitimate interests. We believe it is essential to meet legal or regulatory requirements, including completing regulatory requirements such as verifying your identity and age. In order to fulfill our legal obligations, we must comply with applicable laws, including gambling laws.

Recognizing and exposing illegal activities such as money laundering is essential to comply with legal or regulatory obligations. Moreover, it is a legal or regulatory requirement to stop illegal activities or protect the interests of the general public. Campaigns for market research, analysis of user behavior and profile creation are considered legitimate interests. We require your permission to send you offers and promotions and to display advertisements on social media platforms, unless you specifically opt out. Performance of the contract may require additional uses of your personal information for the purposes specified at the time of submission or for other purposes necessary to fulfill contractual commitments. Legitimate interests, legal requirements, and regulatory requirements all support recording communications for security and educational reasons. To meet legal and regulatory requirements, it is important to adhere to any restrictions you place and carefully monitor your gambling habits. Likewise, we have a legitimate interest to use your information for marketing and promotional purposes unless we obtain your explicit consent. Legitimate interests or legal requirements justify the use of cookies for various purposes, such as website operation, analytics, compliance and purposes related to third-party marketing.

Allow your Data

We may also grant access to your personal information to processors we work with. We enter into agreements with each of these processors to ensure the security of your personal information, and they will only process such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We may also disclose your personal information in the following circumstances:

If we are required to provide information to a government, regulatory or enforcement agency under applicable law or regulation.

To protect our legal interests and/or defend ourselves in court; and

Should I decide to contract a third-party service provider to manage this website? Additionally, if we are in the process of negotiating an acquisition, sale, purchase, merger, financing, investment, restructuring or other proceeding involving the sale, transfer, sale or disclosure of all or a portion of our business or assets.

Transfer of your personal information: When we transfer your data to third party processors in the EU and Asia, we ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to keep your personal information secure and comply with this Privacy Policy. We will make every effort to do so.

Safety and Security

To protect your data against loss, alteration and unauthorized access, we have put in place a variety of organizational and technical safeguards. Asset management, access control, operational security controls, and physical and digital perimeter protection are some examples of security measures. Although we will do our best to protect your personal information, you should be aware that security is never a guarantee and we cannot be held liable if your security is compromised due to our negligence.


To provide you with certain marketing services, we may enlist the assistance of external service providers. By ensuring that third parties properly follow our instructions while processing your personal information, we take precautions to ensure that our agreements with these parties respect your personal information.

Promotional Materials Related to the Website

If you wish to receive marketing communications from us, you have the option as a website user to let us know how we can contact you.

Your personal information may be used to provide you with a personalized website experience. We may sometimes use cookies to gain insight into your online preferences and behavior to provide you with personalized content. Please see the table above and the ‘Cookies’ section below to understand how cookies are used.

Information about the Website may be included in marketing materials, including:

You can access new games, jackpots and promotions on our website.

Promotional payouts, prizes and loyalty programs (e.g. VIP) on our website; and

Additional marketing material about our website.

You may stop receiving marketing communications from us relating to the Website at any time. If you decide to unsubscribe from our email, SMS or telephone marketing channels, you will no longer receive marketing communications related to the Website.


Regarding Cookies: In this Privacy Policy, the term “cookies” refers to both cookies and other similar technologies that store data (e.g., web beacons). Cookies are text files placed on your computer, mobile device or other device by a website. The contents of a cookie can only be accessed or read by the website server. All cookies are specific to your browser. This includes some anonymous data, such as the website name, unique ID, and certain letters and numbers.

Cookies are used by almost all websites and applications, including this one, to improve your user experience. “Session cookies” allow a website or application to “remember” you during your visit, while “persistent cookies” store your information for future visits.

Cookies provide a variety of functions that enhance your use of a website or application, such as saving your preferences, facilitating faster page navigation, and generally making the website more enjoyable for you. Cookies facilitate faster and easier interactions between you and our website. When you navigate to a new page on the website without using cookies, the website or application will treat you as a new visitor each time.

Certain websites, such as this website, any versions tailored to mobile devices and related apps (collectively referred to in this Cookies section as the “Website”), may use cookies to target marketing or advertising messages. For example, depending on your location and/or browsing habits).

Cookies may be placed by the website you are currently visiting (referred to as “first-party cookies”) or by another website that operates materials on the page or application you are currently using (referred to as “third-party cookies”). can.

Cookies: This website uses a variety of cookies to identify you, monitor your activity and improve your overall experience.

To provide the services available to us, we also use various third party service providers who set cookies on this website. These services consist of, but are not limited to, tracking your activity on the Website, evaluating the effectiveness of the Website, and measuring the success of our marketing plans to help us improve your use and experience of the Website.

Cookies may be used by us, third parties or both to collect data on the website and use that data to show you adverts on other websites. Here at krwin you can see which cookies are used for this kind of activity on the website and can opt out of having your information collected or used for such targeted advertising.

What to do if you don’t want cookies set: Some individuals are uncomfortable with websites storing information on their computers, mobile devices, or other devices. This is especially true if that information is used by third parties without your knowledge. For example, you may not want to see advertising tailored to your interests, even though it is generally not very harmful. You may choose to block some or all cookies or remove cookies that have already been set, but please note that if you do so you may not be able to use some of the features of the website. Most web browsers accept cookies by default. Nonetheless, you can adjust your browser settings to restrict or prevent cookies.

Maintaining your Personal Data

We will keep your personal information on file for as long as it takes us to fulfill our legal and regulatory obligations and to provide you with our services. As a result, your personal information will be kept on file for at least 5 years after your last contact with us or, where applicable, closure of your account. We will destroy your personal information as soon as it is no longer necessary to process it. If you wish to be removed from our websites, mobile applications and services, we will retain this information for at least 7 years (excluding our own).

Correction of Personal Data

Your account allows you to change your personal information at any time. If your personal information changes, please update your account as soon as possible.

Your Rights

You have the following rights regarding your personal information:

The right to request access to topics that provide access to personal information we hold about you.

The right to obtain certain personal data in a machine-readable manner.

The right to have incorrect personal information corrected;

If you have explicitly requested that we process your personal information and we have no other legal basis to do so, you have the right to withdraw your permission.

You have the right to have certain personal data erased if the processing of your personal data is no longer necessary, if you withdraw your consent as described in the previous paragraph, if you object as described in the next paragraph, or if the processing of your personal data has been carried out inappropriately. Rights If we are legally required to erase your personal information

The right to object to processing where our lawful basis for processing is in our interests, but we have other relevant legal grounds or our interests outweigh your rights, interests or freedoms and we have compelling reasons why we should continue to process that information. Please note that we may also process your personal information.

The right to request an explanation of the reasons for decisions made automatically

The ability to lodge a complaint with your country’s supervisory authority for data protection purposes; and

Right to object to direct marketing. You can exercise this right by opting out of receiving direct marketing communications through the communication itself or by unsubscribing through your account. You also have the right to object to any profiling limited to direct marketing.

If you have any questions about your rights or concerns regarding the processing of your personal information, you should contact your national data protection supervisory authority.

To avail yourself of any of your rights, please contact us using the information provided below. We will make every effort to comply with your requests regarding your rights, but please note that these rights are not infallible. This means that we may have to refuse your request or only partially comply with it.

Proof of identification is required when you make a request regarding your rights. It may also prompt you to make your request more explicit. Whenever we receive a request, we will endeavor to respond within one month of your identity being verified. We reserve the right to withhold responses if we receive repeated requests or if we suspect that the requests are unreasonable.

Contact Us

Email if you have any questions about how we use your personal information or would like to exercise your rights.

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