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Gambling is immersive, captivating and diversionary, but it can also be addictive. Play Wise was created because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to play games in a controlled and safe environment.

Our goal is to help players develop better gaming habits and take charge of their gambling. Key recommendations for recognizing and overcoming compulsive gambling are detailed below.

krwin responsible gaming

Be aware of potential risks

Regardless of your level of expertise as a gambler, you should never underestimate the potential for addiction. Victory is always welcome, but it is wise to recognize the reality that defeat is inevitable and be prepared to deal with it. As a result, you should never risk more than you can afford to lose.

We want players to be able to continue gambling as a fun and balanced part of their lives, rather than an addiction that leads to losses of more than just money. The moment to act is now to seek help if you are concerned that gambling is affecting your mental health.

Set limits on your gaming, research your personal playing habits, and get expert support when you need it using the tools provided in our Responsible Gambling Toolbox.

Important Instructions

Feeling overwhelmed? Check out some helpful hints to help you monitor your gaming activity.

krwin have fun playing

Have fun playing

Increasingly, unsafe bets and gambling are not helping us escape our financial dilemmas. Gambling is done just for fun, not as a way to enrich yourself. Play only when you’re having fun.

Cherish your financial planning

Never risk more than you can afford to lose. If you are a gambler, make sure your monthly expenses stay within your means. This will help you keep your game sustainable!

krwin determine your gambling limit

Determine Your Gambling Limit

We can help you with this! You can control the time and money you spend on our site by choosing from a variety of options. Make sure your product is available and fits your budget.

Take a Break

If you find that gambling is taking over your life, it is important to take breaks and do other things often. Get some air. Spend time with people you care about. Change things up a bit. It will energize you!

krwin get to know yourself

Get to know yourself

One of the best ways to avoid falling into the trap of harmful gambling is to track your gambling behavior on a regular basis. Consider whether gaming has taken over your life. If so, you might need a break.

krwin the importance of sobriety

The Importance of Sobriety

Loss of control is not a good combination with gambling. To play safe when gambling, it is best to keep drugs and alcohol separate.

Take it easy

Keeping a gambling record can help you keep track of your actions. You can record important data every time you play and even record your emotional state.

krwin look at the big picture

Look at the big picture

How important is gambling to you personally? Think about what is most important to you and see if gambling is interfering with your focus or time.

If you are under 18 years of age, you may not access this site. Creating an account or participating in KRWIN is illegal.

If you share your home or computer with children under 18, please be careful when disclosing personal information. Additionally, if you or someone you know is struggling with compulsive gambling, please answer the following questions.

Does gambling cause any of the behaviors listed below?

  • Greater demand for bigger bets.
  • Sadness, fear, or regret.
  • Have no control over how much time and money are spent playing.
  • Hide habits from those closest to us.

Limit Yourself

Each partner site’s built-in features make it easy to set gambling limits based on your needs, budget, and constraints. Take this opportunity to make gaming more enjoyable and prevent harmful gambling habits.

Set Minimum And Maximum Amounts

Manage your deposit amount and frequency based on these limits.

In addition to the maximum deposit amount, you have the option to set monthly, weekly or daily deposit limits. The maximum amount you can deposit is determined by rolling back the clock from the time of your most recent deposit, regardless of when the deposit was made.

Limit Game Play Sessions

If you often find that the game consumes more time than you’d like, We strongly suggest this restriction. You can choose the best time for your session. At the end of your session time, you will receive an automatic notification and log-out process.

You can resume playing once you log back into your account. When you reach your session limit, taking a break is best.

Reality Check

Our reality check tool serves a similar purpose to session limits, sending you a warning when you’ve played for too long. Select a period between 0 and 240 minutes. After that time has passed, you will receive a notification letting you know how much time you have to play.

Although a reality check won’t permanently eliminate a session, taking a break occasionally is wise.

Let us guide you in maintaining a healthy gaming habit. While a reality check won’t permanently end your session, it’s still wise to take a break every now and then. We’re here to support you in this.

Loss Limit

Losing is as much a part of gambling as winning, so it’s important to be prepared to lose. You have the option to set a maximum loss amount for a specific number of days to protect your investment. You will be notified in a pop-up when that limit is reached, and your session will end immediately until the next day.

Account Closure

If this happens to be the case, please use the drop-down menu to tell us the reasons for your decision so we can improve our service.

Take notes! If you decide to use this feature, you can reopen your account later if you change your mind. This is why self-exclusion is a better option for problem gamblers.


A great alternative for people who are having trouble limiting their gambling habits is self-exclusion. You can temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your account.

Remember that if you choose to self-exclude, your account will not automatically reopen after the period you set has ended. You will need to contact Customer Support to begin the process of reactivating your account.

It is entirely up to us whether we want to bring back an account that has been self-excluded indefinitely.

Underage Gambling

When dealing with sensitive issues such as gambling, it can be more difficult for young people to make informed decisions. Studies show that gamblers who start gambling at a young age are much more likely to become addicted.

Preventing underage gambling is not only a legal but also an ethical requirement.

What are some ways to keep children safe?

Everyone is moving in the same direction and we are ready to contribute. To help prevent underage gambling, we’ve put together some helpful hints and tools.

Any account that our agents suspect is being used by anyone under the age of 18 must be immediately investigated and suspended. We reserve the right to ask players to prove their age and identity if we suspect that their account is fraudulent.

Even players who do not want to expose their children to gambling can benefit from a variety of recommendations, including:

Always remember to log out of your gambling account after each session. Don’t use autocomplete. Never disclose your credit card information. Put gambling sites under the control of parental control software.

Is there anyone who can provide support?

If you have concerns about a friend or family member who is a minor, there are services available and people you can talk to. Keep in mind that in addition to the behavioral and financial risks, there are laws that apply to underage gambling.

To help protect your children from inappropriate websites, we recommend installing apps from one of the following third-party developers:

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to give you the freedom to set your own parameters, spending limits and gambling budget. Helping you play correctly and avoid harmful gambling habits is our main goal.

How does Play Wise work?

Promoting responsible gaming and providing players with the information they need to make informed decisions are two of our core values. With Play Wise, we’ve centralized as much of your data as possible in one convenient spot.

To what Extent are Boundaries useful?

Setting limits on gambling is a great way to control your spending. Session limits, deposit limits, loss limits and self-exclusions are all available on all partner sites. All of these choices can make it easier for gamblers to maintain responsible gaming habits and for problem gamblers to quit when they need a break.

What should I do if I suspect I have a gambling problem?

Although it is not always easy, it is a wise idea to look within. We provide a simple self-assessment tool you can use if you are unsure about the long-term effects of your gaming habits.

If you want to take it to the next level, I can give you the names of numerous groups that can help people addicted to gambling. Additionally, our professional customer service staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide suggestions.

An indicator of compulsive gambling?

Problem gambling, like any other addiction, can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Simply put, people cannot resist the temptation to gamble even though it negatively impacts their health, relationships, and community.

People addicted to gambling can become irritated if they are unable to gamble or spend too much time considering their next gamble. They may also feel shame or guilt about their gambling problem and may lie to cover up their gambling tendencies.

Problem gamblers typically feel in denial about their illness, which can make it difficult for them to ask for help. If you feel like your gambling is getting out of hand, we’d like to hear from you.

If someone you know is addicted to gambling. What can you do to help them?

If you or someone you care about is experiencing problems related to gambling addiction, please contact a specialist support group.

Contact us

Email us at and one of our customer service representatives will gladly assist you.

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