Before Starting 드래곤즈도그마 2 : Everything You Need

The Evolution of 드래곤즈도그마 2 into Classic Sequel

드래곤즈도그마 was Capcom’s first grand adventure role-playing game, combining elements of its high-octane action games like Devil May Cry with a Western-style high-fantasy scenario. With its unique perspective on traversing a big fantasy world with a group of adventurers as they fight many opponents and emergent systems, 드래곤즈도그마 rose from a cult favorite to an essential RPG years after its launch.

드래곤즈도그마 2 is a long-awaited sequel for long standing fans and an excellent starting place for novices. Due to Capcom’s big RPG’s deep and weird mythology, we’re revisiting the original 


드래곤즈도그마 2’s plot? 

드래곤즈도그마 2 takes place as Vermund and Battahl wage a battle. Vermund and Battahl, home to humans, elves, and Beastrens, have their traditions and rituals related to the mythology of the Arisen, the sacred hero tasked with defeating a great Dragon that ends the world. After fighting the great Dragon, the protagonist becomes the next Arisen and can summon Pawns, NPC allies from distant worlds. 

The Arisen and their group enter a major kingdom-wide geopolitical conflict while searching for the great Dragon. As the adventurers complete objectives and make new friends, they battle cult leaders and rivals who want the Arisen’s hallowed status. The group will learn more about the warning kingdoms’ unrest and make crucial decisions to save the people and stop the end times.

The Arisen—who? 

Arisen are selected mortals who must fight the Dragon to decide the world’s fate. The Arisen are unusual adventurers with many battle skills. One of their strengths is adapting to all 드래곤즈도그마 occupations. Vocations are class kinds with specific weapons and talents. Pawns have occupations, but only the Arisen can join specialized classes. 

In 드래곤즈도그마 2, each Vocation is briefly explained: 

 Standard sword and shield melee class: Fighter. 

Archers use bows and other equipment for long-range. 

Thief: A crafty, deadly knife fighter. 

A healer and lethal spellcaster is a mage. 

Warrior: Heavy melee fighter with bigger weaponry. 

Sorcerers cast more terrifying spells. 

The Magick Archer uses magic spells in their long-range strikes. 

The Mystic Spearhand uses a double-sided weapon and combines magic and close-range warfare. 

Trickster: A skilled illusionist who can cast spells to trick enemies and make them battle. 

Wayfarer: A rare class that lets Arisen use skills from multiple vocations in one personalized fighting style. 

What’s a Pawn? 

The Rift may summon otherworldly NPC Pawns to join your team, one of the Arisen’s greatest assets. In addition to your fully personalized main companion, Pawn, gamers can visit the Rift, an online network of other players’ pawns. While 드래곤즈도그마 creates pawns to recruit, most come from players. 

Pawns are unusual because they are NPC allies that learn from the protagonist and other players online. Other players can enlist your Pawn for their party through the Rift. And your friend will gain information and loot to share with you during their travels. The information they gather can help them beat foes that require a specific strategy or understand quests in new locations.

드래곤즈도그마 1—what happened? 

A huge Dragon condemned Gransys to endless ruin, where the original gameoccurred. In 드래곤즈도그마 prologue, a group of heroes fights the demon, but Savan, the party commander, must make a fateful decision. 

Later, the main protagonist sees his small fishing town besieged by the famous Dragon, foreshadowing Gransys’s Death. While defending their house, the protagonist meets the Dragon, who sees a larger purpose for the villagers. The Dragon captures their heart and makes them the next “Arisen,” who must fight the Dragon to decide the world’s fate. 

The Arisen’s strange associates, Pawns, learn and find their identities. The Arisen learn to lead the party, forming new ties with their pawns and Gransys residents. As the Arisen’s popularity grows, they meet Mercedes, Selene, King Edmund, and the Dragonforged, all connected to the great cycle. 

The Arisen and their party argue with kingdom parties about how to handle the end of days. With some believing the Dragon should destroy the world. After facing Grigori, the great Dragon. The Arisen must decide whether to fight them to the Death or sacrifice their closest loved one to regain their humanity and temporarily defer the battle to a new Arisen. Many sacred heroes have made this choice before. Fighting, the Arisen and their group overcome Grigori, who warns them that their defeat may be worse. After returning to Gran Soren, the party sees dismal skies, terrifying beasts, and friends. 

Dark Arisen quest: what happens? 

 In the “post-dragon” age, the player can choose to complete a Dark Arisen expansion side quest on the Arisen’s past. After a wayward Pawn invites them to the Bitterblack Isle, the Arisen and their group face fearsome enemies and Death itself in the island’s underground dungeons. The Arisen and their group learn that many Arisen came to the island and died after confronting its difficulties, becoming strong monsters. After reaching the depths of Bitterblack Isle’s thick caverns. The group faces an ancient Arisen who was converted into Daimon after trying to save his former pawn-turned-lover from a harsh fate, only to find an even worse fate for himself. After its defeat, Ashe, the freed Arisen, returns to his Pawn and enters the Rift. 

How does 드래곤즈도그마 end? 

The party tries to stop the turmoil and save Gransys in the main story’s finale. Grigori’s loss creates a vast crater under Gran Soren, causing the Everfall. This vast fissure loops the Arisen across worlds, returning to Gran Soren’s skies. In addition to facing power fiends and an ancient Dragon deep in the Everfall, the Arisen faces the Seneschal, a world guardian and the former Arisen Savan from the prologue. The Seneschal gives the protagonist one more chance to live happily. 

Again, the protagonist defeats the guardian in battle to break the cycle. Savan says that after defeating his Dragon in the prologue, he became the steward of the world’s endless cycle of life and Death. Some go beyond their means to gain a stronger will to live, yet this cycle gives all individuals, derived from pawns, a feeling of purpose. The protagonists believe the world is one of many. And they are confined in their pocket worlds, fighting dragons and completing unending quests. 

드래곤즈도그마 Metaphorical Cycle: Seneschal’s Sacrifice to new rise

드래곤즈도그마 games tale is a metaphor for video game cycles, with characters realizing they’re in a neatly constructed game. Savan dies in their combat, and the protagonist becomes Seneschal.  

As the new planet guardian, the protagonist can live as an invisible phantom watching Gransys or commit suicide to start a new cycle. The protagonist gives the companion pawn their humanity, resurrected in the former Arisen’s body in the fishing village from the beginning. The former Pawn, now the protagonist, can become the next Arisen and face the next great Dragon and Seneschal on a new planet. 

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