KRWIN Guide: The 21 best 스타듀밸리 모드 April 2024!

Can you recommend some top-tier 스타듀밸리 모드? Despite ConcernedApe’s acclaimed life simulator not having official Steam Workshop support, the PC mod scene for the game has been booming. From graphic overhauls that transform Stardew Valley into a pixelated fairytale to introducing game-breaking hacks like god mode, dedicated modders have been working on altering nearly everything available in the game.

We don’t blame you for wanting to change things up, especially since Stardew Valley is getting on in years despite thousands of concurrent players enjoying the base indie game. Adding IPs, maps, and married life enhancements are coming to the valley thanks to the modding community. This collection of 스타듀밸리 모드 is a tribute to the ingenuity of the modding community and contains our favorites. Among the best PC games, here you may find our top picks that improve it with new graphics, altered gameplay, and even a few tricks.

The best 스타듀밸리 모드 list

Our top picks for 스타듀밸리 모드 can do everything from altering the world’s appearance to introducing Pokemon. They even add new NPCs and objectives to the farming simulator. In addition to simplifying native features, some simple tweaks can make your easy existence even more enjoyable. In April of 2024, the top 스타듀밸리 모드 will be:

Book Subscription

Like our Stardew Valley character, we adore an excellent real-life book subscription. Why not give it to them too? After donating fifteen things to the museum, the Stardew Valley Book Subscription mod activates the new functionality, allowing you to select between weekly, biweekly, or monthly book deliveries. These books are useless for reading, but they do grant experience. Power Books is an optional extra that you can add to your subscription, but it will be randomly chosen.

Nora, the Herpetologist

In case you didn’t know, herpetologists specialize in cute amphibians and reptiles. The Nora the Herpetologist mod included Nora, a real-life herpetologist, as a new NPC in Stardew Valley. You may meet her adorable pets, Pinkie Pie the Snake and Stupid the Gecko, and participate in fourteen additional events with this red-haired beauty when you invite her to live in your town!

Auto Fishing 2.0

Automating a Stardew Valley mechanic can seem slightly arrogant, but isn’t fishing supposed to be a pleasant pastime? By expanding upon the work of SorryLate and the original Auto Fishing mod, Tibsz has created Auto Fishing 2.0. This mod adds auto-casting, automatic hooking and reeling, customization options, and knowing when to stop your characters from fishing before you run out of stamina. Enter your criteria, relax, and the catches will start rolling in.

SF Daphne’s buildable ice cream truck

The sound of an ice cream truck’s nostalgic chimes in warmer regions is enough to send people racing out the door for a frozen treat. Surely the residents of Stardew Valley would savor a frosty treat as much as the rest of us? Daphne, a charming new NPC, and her pastel-colored ice cream van are now at your disposal thanks to the buildable ice cream truck mod by Stardew Valley creator Abi Wabi. But you must download it from the mod page if you want her to visit your town.

Always Welcome

If your friendship level with an NPC is high enough, you can visit their home anytime with the help of the straightforward but effective Always Welcome mod for Stardew Valley. Above all else, this simplifies visiting and gifting NPCs, as it can be pretty frustrating to be locked out on NPC birthdays if you lose track of time.

Holiday Sales

Thanks to the Holiday Sales mod, you have complete control over when stores are open. This will only help you fix an issue with other mods that affect other towns, but it is beneficial otherwise. You might notice that your shops are closed when there’s a festival somewhere. If it means your store owners can’t have fun, keep them open.

An Expansion of Stardew Valley

This mega-mod, made by FlashShifter, included an abundance of free stuff. According to the mod’s description, Stardew Valley Expanded adds “ten new map locations, 38 new character events, over 400 location messages, reimagined maps and festivals (all maps), remastered Immersive Farm 2, a new town map reflecting all changes, and many miscellaneous additions!”

The tractor mod

Much effort goes into planting seeds, tending crops, and harvesting a bumper crop. The Tractor mod by Pathoschild, however, simplifies farming for all players. Purchasing Robin’s tractor garage will get you access to the tractor. Jump aboard and start working as soon as she finishes constructing it. The tractor serves as an all-in-one tool for you. In addition to removing pebbles and twigs, it can also hydrate the soil, sow seeds, and harvest crops. In fact, you can mow down monsters with your tractor if you go into the mod’s configuration panel.

Pokemon retextures

We will attempt to modify Pokemon into every game imaginable if GameFreak and Nintendo do not formally release it for PC. If you’re looking for Pokemon-themed retextures in Stardew Valley, a massive forum thread covers all the bases. You may reskin your livestock into Mareep or Miltank, transform structures into Pokemon Gyms, or even transform residents into Pokemon if you like. You may always try playing Pokemon on PC if this hack is different from your thing.

NPC map locations

The sheer number of things that might happen in a day in Stardew Valley makes it difficult to commit the several characters’ daily routines to memory, mainly when many of these characters’ habits vary with the seasons and the weather. If you’re simply interested in seeing a few villagers’ whereabouts, the NPC map locations mod allows you to do just that and completely personalize it to your liking.

Simple Crop Label

Returning to Stardew Valley after a break is as simple as heading to your farm and marveling at what you’ve planted there. A simple but helpful update, the Simple Crop Label mod allows you to choose whether or not a name tab should appear over a crop when you mouse over it.

CJB Item Spawner

You should use this item spawner mod with caution, as it comes with significant power and should be used carefully lest it break the delicate balance of your game. You may summon any item, in any quantity and quality, straight into your inventory with our Stardew Valley Item Spawner mod. This mod can transform you into a millionaire in no time, or you can unleash your creativity and construct your ideal farm without spending countless hours on it.

Chests Anywhere

Considering all your stuff, you should be able to open your chest from anywhere. Everyone has experienced the frustration of being in the middle of a mining session when suddenly they see that their inventory of the desired item is complete. Perhaps the present you were planning to give your favorite villager while you were out impressing them is really in one of your chests.No more annoying journeys back to the farm to get or deposit stuff; Chests Anywhere, developed by CJBok and Pathoschild, grants access to your chests, refrigerator, shipping bin, and Junimo huts from any location on the map.

All Crops, All Seasons

This mod goes against the laws of nature; it prevents crops from rotting when the seasons change and lets you grow and harvest any plant or crop at any time. No crop can typically be cultivated in the winter without resorting to a greenhouse, as most crops have certain growing seasons. With our All Crops All Seasons mod, You can cultivate as many strawberries as you like in the fall. Note that this mod doesn’t alter shop inventory, so you’ll have to buy seeds seasonally to plant later.

Configurable Day Lengths

Even the clock is working against you at times in Stardew Valley. Managing your time wisely and deciding to get a few things done instead of cramming a lot of work into a single day is essential to Stardew Valley. This TimeSpeed mod spares you the trouble by letting you set your own daily timer; by default, it doubles the day, but you may alter it to any length you choose.

Immersive Family

Stardew Valley is a good place to settle down and start a family; however, after you have kids, they won’t do anything. Thanks to the Immersive Family mod, your kids can have their own adventures while still interacting with your spouse and the locals.

Using deceitful methods

Everything is OK; we can all see why you’re actually here. Regarding Stardew Valley cheat modules, the CJB cheats menu is the only place to get every cheat imaginable and then some. They might be anything from an endless water supply to health and vigor. In this game, you can freeze time, change your connections with the villagers, and go to any spot in the world. This might be our only option until Stardew Valley adds a sandbox mode.

Calendar Viewer

Schedule Viewer is a small mod that displays the daily activities of the townsfolk depending on the current world situation. We’ve been meticulously recording everyone’s arrivals and departures. It’s wholly unnerving and certainly not something we engage in on a daily basis.

How to install 스타듀밸리 모드

Getting mods to function in Stardew Valley requires editing the game’s internal files since the game does not support Steam Workshop. As a result, before you download and install any mods, back up your files, particularly your saved files. This will give you peace of mind. Remember that any mods you have installed may break with a future update of Stardew Valley because the game is still receiving regular updates.


Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for you to enhance your Stardew Valley modifications experience, we may conclude. Return to tending to that farm, or peruse the Stardew Valley Nexus hub for additional game mods. With these top 스타듀밸리 모드, you’ll want to keep playing the agricultural game even more than before. Is it so captivating that you’re contemplating a genuine shift in your work? To gauge Stardew Valley’s realism, we polled a Californian farmer. Finally, we have some suggestions for games comparable to Stardew Valley. If you want something else, just follow KRWIN Gudide to keep updated on the latest news!

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