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These God of War 라그나로크 tips and tactics will help novice and seasoned gamers navigate Kratos’ Norse mythology rampage. I’ve got advice with fighting, exploration, equipment, stats, and more—there’s a lot to take in, so some help won’t hurt. Several GamesRadar staff members played 라그나로크 and curated this collection of suggestions. 

 Upcoming, our advice will help you understand God of War 라그나로크 and discover secrets and tips that even expert gamers may not know. Our 10 God of War 라그나로크 tips and tactics might benefit returning and new players. 


Break any vases or hanging buckets for rewards.

If you demolish vases or hanging buckets, they almost always drop hack silver, the game’s currency. The only exception is if they give you a health or rage stone. You won’t get lots, but the constant trickle will assist. Be consistent in shattering whatever you see. Broken, thin ceramic vases on the ground can be paid for, but not crates and barrels. While sledding, you can smash barrels and containers for cash and craft backward. In the last game, you probably grabbed passing wreckage on a boat. Find the God of War 라그나로크 buried treasure spots for more incredible prizes.  

Charge your Leviathan Axe or Chaos Blades for additional damage.

 Kratos can add frost or fire damage to the axe or blades by holding down or pressing a triangle. The next hit will have a stronger elemental effect. The boost can significantly impact, so do it before fights or whenever possible. Leveling up unlocks faster weapon-charging methods. This is a great press benefit. 

Buy elemental and dodging skills now to do more significant damage.

You can unlock a skill that does more damage to enemies with opposing elemental effects. If you freeze something, you’ll cause more damage and then use the Blades’ fire. It melts challenging adversaries faster, so watch for the element affliction icon on anything you’re striking and switch if it hits.  

The skill to evade with a special attack is also worth learning. Due to your frequent dodging, you’ll accidentally trigger it for extra damage even if you don’t grasp the details. Using the reverse axe spin to injure and stun adversaries while moving away is beneficial.

Switch between Axe and Blades, depending on the enemy.

The Leviathan Axe is best for solitary adversaries, while the Blades of Chaos’ broad sweep is best for groups. Use fire to damage the icey Leviathan’s elemental protection, etc. Master rapid weapon switching to maximize this flow. Unarmed fist fights fill an enemy’s stun meter faster, allowing you to perform finisher moves faster for massive damage or instakills. Fast, fluid movement between alternatives maximizes battle impact. 

Choose armor that fits your playstyle.

In the previous God of War, donning a complete armor set gave elemental buffs and bonuses, but you could mix and match. 라그나로크 armor specifically enhances specific play styles, stacks, and interlocks if equipped in a full set. The chest piece of Lunda’s armor can poison foes, but the bracers and belt cause greater damage, doubling the increase if worn. You should wear what suits your play style to maximize it. This guide will help you decide 라그나로크 Armor Sets.

Armor improvements are better than new gear early on, but change mid-game.

Upgrade your armor and gear instead of buying new ones when you first start playing to get the most out of it. Upgrade till mid-game and see what your growing options give you—you’ll want to swap. Check out our spoiler-free God of War 라그나로크 tail-length guide to understand the midgame.

Kratos can avoid attacks by watching arrows.

The arrows around Kratos represent off-screen threats. Yellow arrows indicate an approaching adversary, red arrows indicate an attack, and ‘purple’ (slightly different red) arrows indicate a missile. The last two alerts are fast, so you must dodge them immediately to prevent harm.

Environmental objects do high combat damage if found.

In some sections, you can hit, throw, or utilize objects to damage foes significantly. Kratos can strike adversaries with tree trunks, rocks, exploding jars, and more. However, many are unremarkable. Tree stumps can create a large-area freeze assault that is nearly invisible during combat. So look around the battlefield to see what you can hit foes with and get used to recognizing them.

Seeing Nornir Chests? Open them.

God of War 라그나로크 Nornir Chests are rune crates full of riches that involve smashing, moving, lighting, and manipulating three concealed things. Nornir Chests hold good goods; thus, they’re always worth opening. They may require late-game God of War 라그나로크 weapons and abilities, so you may not be able to perform that the first time you find them. If so, Atreus or Mimir will notify you when you see them, so take note and return later.

Visit Huldra Brothers regularly to see what’s available.

In God of War Ragnarok, upgrade materials are plentiful, so visit the Huldra Brothers’ shop whenever you can to see what’s available, whether weapons, armor, or resurrection stones. If a chest is glowing blue, open it to see if it contains unusual loot from an adversary you missed. 

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