KRWIN Guide: Top 5 Free 공포게임 to play at POKI


The lights should be turned off, and you should get ready to be frightened! Poki is where you may play some of the most terrifying 공포게임 that we have compiled for you to enjoy. Feel the eerie atmosphere in your bones with Forgotten Hill: Fall, escape from the frightening Kodama-haunted hospital, dig out of a nightmare scenario in Horror Nights Story, and shock your pals by jump-scaring them with Scary Maze. All of these games are available on the PC, Mobile or PlayStation. You should play Huggy Wuggy Shooter if you enjoy games such as Five Nights at Freddy’s or Poppy Playtime. Our horror games are intended to give you the most amusing nightmares you’ve ever experienced.

Be sure to check out the 공포게임 recommended by KRWIN to broaden your scary horizons with titles that focus on zombies and Halloween. 

Here are the best 5 free 공포게임 to play on POKI: 

Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe 2

공포게임 forgotten hill

FM Studio is responsible for the development of the terrifying point-and-click sequel to The Wardrobe, which is titled Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe 2. You continue your quest just in time for Halloween, which is approaching. Things begin to progress in a different direction after acquiring a stunning wardrobe and discovering a golden key while fishing. One day, you find out that your daughters have gone missing, and the interior of the house begins to feel empty. Spend some time looking at the house and see if you can locate any hints! Will they lead you to your daughters? Are you ready for this brand-new Halloween experience that will give you the chills and send you running down the basement?

How do you play Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe 2?

When you click on the products you are interested in, you can pick them up and put them in your inventory. They can be used on other things or doors in the game by clicking on them from that location. Can’t continue? Give the question mark (?) icon a shot to see if you can obtain a hint!

Huggy Wuggy Shooter

공포게임 huggy wuggy shooter

Huggy Wuggy Shooter is a scary action game where players must use different kinds of weapons to fight off waves of horrifying toys. Embark on a horrific adventure as you get entangled in Huggy Wuggy’s toy factory. All the abandoned toys have come to life, filled with nothing but anger. They prey on unsuspecting visitors while sleeping; now it’s your chance. As you explore the vibrant abandoned factory, it is your objective to shoot any demonic toy that gets in your way. With so many weapons to pick from, this dark setting presents an opportunity for fun. You must always keep your wits about you and be on the lookout for enemies who could sneak up on you from behind. How long can you stay alive in Huggy Wuggy Shooter?

How to play Huggy Wuggy Shooter?

  • Move – WASD or Arrow keys.
  • Shoot – Left mouse click
  • Run – (Hold) Shift
  • Aim – Right mouse button.
  • Swap weapon – Mouse wheel or Numeric keys from 1 to 7
  • Reload – Mouse wheel
  • Swap weapon – Mouse wheel
  • Knife attack – F
  • Throw grenade – G

Horror Nights Story

공포게임 horror night story

In the action game Horror Nights Story, your objective is to make your way out of the horrific depths of an ancient mine. Rostislav Kaloc and Tasty Air Games are responsible for the creation of this adventure game, which takes place in a three-dimensional universe and features terrifying monsters that players must vanquish. You must manage time well to escape the mine and stay alive for five nights in Horror Night Story.  

How to play Horror Nights Story?

Mouse – Click to dig, add fuel, and more!

Portrait of an Obsession

공포게임 portrait of an obessesion

The point-and-click puzzle game Portrait of an Obsession was developed by FM Studio and has a horror-themed experience. This story is the most recent installment in the Forgotten Hill series, which has become very popular. When it comes to this particular tale, the protagonist is a specific individual who is captivated by a portrait that has the potential to be cursed, and they battle to get their hands on the picture. With your assistance, the protagonist can solve the puzzles and decipher the codes to locate the portrait. When the problems become more complex, you can rely on your natural reasoning skills in addition to the hint tool to assist you. Prepare yourself for the ideal combination of horror and camp action!

How to play:

To add desired things to your inventory, simply click on them. You can click and ick on them and use them on other items or doors in the game.

Horror Dungeon 3D 

공포게임 horror dungeon 3d

In Horror Dungeon 3D, a horrific survival game, your objective is to flee a haunted castle. Castle looks dark, ominous, and medieval. Embedded throughout the castle are keys to the past that, when found, will open the doors and tunnels that resemble closed mazes. Be sure to pause and marvel at the breathtaking architecture, masonry, paintings, and tapestries as you explore the castle’s several exciting and interesting chambers. There are six yellow keys that, when combined, will unlock this scary but beautiful nightmare. Be on the lookout for them. And to rub salt in the wound, no one has left the castle, and hideous horrors lurk below! Under no circumstances should you hesitate to use your flashlight in order to secure your escape. Could you possibly reach inside your pocket and remove all six keys? In case you’re too chicken to play Horror Dungeon 3D solo, round up some friends.

How to play Horror Dungeon 3D?

  • Move – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Pause – ESC or Tab
  • Use – E
  • Flashlight – Q


Finally, with the excellent options on Poki, going into the world of 공포게임 is an exciting adventure. If you’re looking for a free 공포게임 that will give you the chills and keep you on the edge of your seat, go no further than the 5 free games selected by the KRWIN guide. No matter your level of horror expertise, these games provide engrossing experiences that will hold your attention and leave a lasting impression. You’ll find games on this list that send shivers down your spine with their terrifying settings and nail-biting action. Get ready for a chilling journey through the dark with these top-notch 공포게임 on Poki. Turn down the lights and brace yourself for an unforgettable experience. Get in on the action-packed thrill ride of a lifetime by downloading these free horror games right now! Don’t let this chance pass you by! 

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