KRWin’s Top 4 Selection for a 좀비 게임 on Poki

KRWin's Top 4 Selection for a 좀비 게임 on Poki

좀비 게임 feature shooting, killing, and escaping from the ghastly undead. Kill the Evil Guys in style with a selection of games influenced by Resident Evil and Dawn of the Dead. Get your hands on various weapons and slay the zombies before they devour you! We have compiled a list of 좀비 게임 featuring gruesome and violent ones. Use all methods required to defeat the wicked zombies as you fight through increasing difficulty levels. Prepare yourself for gory gore and explicit imagery as you take on legions of zombies straight out of the horror genre!

Here are a bunch of zombie games that will be fun for any gamer. No matter what kind of game you prefer—action, strategy, riddles, or something else—you can discover one that suits your taste. Stay alive until the epidemic ends by playing survival games. Alternatively, you might be the hero and wipe off all zombies in one of our various zombie retaliation games. Zombies in sports, 8-bit games, and more are all available here. Games with cartoon artwork and bright colors are perfect for younger players. You can master the art of zombie killing with any one of these games.

Here are the Top 4 좀비 게임 from KRWIN:

Survivor Z

You are getting ready to embark on a journey into the wilderness, which is a concept that will never get old in Survivor: Z. Some things you can anticipate are burgers, chances to unwind, and good times. A swarm of zombies appears out of nowhere and starts attacking you the second you’re about to take a bite. Put Z in danger by using your charmed gun, which can fire ammunition indefinitely. Every time you kill a zombie, you’ll have the opportunity to drop a diamond. If you have enough gems, you can level up. Faster healing is possible with the help of either walking or shooting. Because the waves get more harder as you go through the game, these skills will be crucial to your victory. Gather all the unique characteristics to establish your dominance! Prepare to be tested as you tackle this hard challenge!

  • How to play Survivor Z?
    Use WASD or your mouse to move around!
  • Who made Survivor Z?
    Survivor Z was created by MadeByChaz, and this is his first game. Poki (Poki)!
  • How can I play Survivor Z for free?
    You can play Survivor Z for free on ᴘυᴋə.
  • Can I play Survivor Z on mobile devices and desktops?
    Survivor Z can be played on computers and mobile devices like phones and tablets.


As your army grows, your objective in ZomboTag, an arena fighting game, is to infect every level’s inhabitants. To level up and get upgrades to strengthen your army, you must pursue and battle enemies across many venues. Monsters and jumpers are your best friends. Like zombie boomerangs, jumpers will flit toward your foes before circling back to you, and mobs will sit down next to you and go for the nearest target! Find out how long you can survive in the arena after defeating bosses, growing your army, and becoming stronger!

  • Game rules for ZomboTag?
    Action: Use the WASD or arrow keys to move.
    Trap enemies in the yellow circle around your character to infect them as you chase them around the arena! If you remain in the circle until the bar ends, you have successfully recruited a new member.
  • Are there any free ways to play ZomboTag?
    Poki offers the game ZomboTag at no cost.
  • Is ZomboTag compatible with desktop computers and mobile phones?
    You may play ZomboTag on any platform, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Zombie Dying: Survival Days

The end of the world as we know it is here! Zombie Dying: Survival Days has you ready to fire your weapon against the living dead. In this shooter action game, you play as a survivor in a city overrun by zombies. Every day brings a new set of objectives. Whether rescuing victims or slaying an army of zombies, the goal is the same. Gain money to level up your character and upgrade your weaponry with each task you complete. Additional gear can be purchased. More than fifteen distinct weapon types and four playable characters await your discovery! You may earn even more money by keeping an eye on your achievements! Bonus challenges are a great way to level up! Can you complete the Survival Days to the end?

  • Zombie Dying: How to play Survival Days?
    Use A/D or the arrow keys to go left and right!
    To fire, press the spacebar.
    To switch weapons, use 1/2/3/4.
  • Who made the video game Zombie Dying: Survival Days?
    Art Industries created Zombie Dying: Survival Days. Visit Poki (Poki) to play Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block, Stickman Parkour Skyland, and Stickman Crazy Box, three of their other games!
  • Zombie Dying: Survival Days for free?
    At ᴘeᴎɲ, you can play Zombie Dying: Survival Days for free.
  • Is it compatible with desktops and mobiles to play Zombie Dying: Survival Days?
    Both desktop PCs and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, are compatible with Zombie Dying: Survival Days.

Zombie Rush

Play as one of several heroes in Zombie Rush, a roguelike action game, and blast your way through legions of undead! You may level up your heroes with gems you get by defeating zombies, and they all have special powers you can use on the battlefield. With automatic weapons, you must act swiftly to escape harm and seize control of the battle! Your strength, knowledge of bonuses, and ability to use special skills will all increase as you fight more. As you progress through the game, you’ll face increasingly hazardous zombies, making it more challenging. Get ready to show the world what you’re made of!

  • Guide to playing Zombie Rush?
    Action: Use the WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Does anyone know who created Zombie Rush?
    Zombie Rush is the debut game developed by Endless Pixels. Poki is where you can find it!
  • How can I get Zombie Rush without spending a dime?
    Playing Zombie Rush on ᴘᴋə is entirely free of charge.
  • Is Zombie Rush compatible with desktop computers and mobile phones?
    You may play Zombie Rush on your computer, phone, or tablet.


Based on KRWin‘s top 4 selections for a 좀비 게임 on Poki, it’s evident that they prioritize certain features or aspects in their gaming experience. While the specifics may vary, these selections offer engaging gameplay, immersive graphics, intriguing storylines, and multiplayer capabilities. KRWin‘s choices reflect a preference for high-quality gaming experiences that provide entertainment and challenge within the zombie genre. Learn more about these thrilling games here with KRWIN’s guide!

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