Exploring 원신: Guide to Missions and Tasks

Overview of Mission Types in 원신

The missions and side tasks in 원신 are broken down and presented below in the sequence you will encounter them.

Archon Quests

The primary narrative quests in 원신 are called Archon Quests. They recount your adventures while searching for your missing sibling with Paimon.


Story Quests

Story missions revolve around a playable character and how they engage with you and the environment. These missions typically provide you with an understanding of their social interactions. The story quests included in 원신 are as follows:

Pavo Ocellus Chapter: Act One (Kaeya)

Players can access the “Pavo Ocellus Chapter: Act One – Kaeya Story Quest” after finishing Prologue One and attaining Level 10. Players first encounter Kaeya at the Knights Headquarters in Mondstadt, where the mission starts. Kaeya assigns the player to investigate a strange treasure located across town. Players encounter an informant named Vile outside of Mondstadt, and the search proceeds despite a dearth of information from the locals and an eavesdropping sinister guy.


Vile offers a mysterious clue that points to a treasure buried close to the Knight’s Headquarters atop a windmill. After scaling the windmill and discovering another clue rather than the treasure, players proceed to a cliff above Springvale’s waterfall to unlock another chest holding a map. The level leads players to Falcon Coast, where they must negotiate a tunnel, avoid obstacles, and defeat foes—including a pivotal boss battle against a Rain Guard—among other enemies. The mission ends when Kaeya explains that, although it seems like a real treasure hunt, it was a test of trust, solidifying the player’s dependability in his eyes.

Lepus Chapter: Act One (Amber)

Players begin this exciting task by encountering Amber, who tells them they have been flying illegally and must take an official gliding exam. The mission is to navigate through rings in the sky, similar to Spyro the Dragon’s Flight stages. Gold rings and optional white ones are required to increase your speed. The tasks advance from simple routes to increasingly complex maneuvers throughout Mondstadt, such as avoiding windmill blades.


Following the flying tests, the quest switches to a tutorial on locating Raptor using Elemental Vision, culminating in a cave confrontation. Gliding combat and strategic environmental interactions are included in the tasks, which lead to a showdown with Raptor and his henchmen. Even though she does most of the heavy lifting, Amber kindly grants the player a gliding license while lightheartedly addressing the sport’s legality. In addition to providing a thrilling series of gliding challenges, this mission gently teaches players important gaming mechanics and plot points.

Tempus Fugit: Act One (Lisa) – Must be Rank 15

With a well-balanced blend of engaging conversation and fierce fighting, Lisa’s mission in 원신 gives players a better understanding of her personality and environment. Beginning in the Knight’s Headquarters in Mondstadt, players help Lisa find overdue books, find her way around different areas, and have essential interactions that add to the depth of the story. Simple activities and gift exchanges give up to an exciting search for a stolen book that takes players through Mondstadt and into an enigmatic purple cave.


Players must strategically employ elemental powers, particularly electric and Pyro, to advance through the environmental puzzles and battle scenarios in the cave. Players can move through the cave by using wind currents and electric strikes to open doors. This leads to fierce confrontations against Cyro Slimes and an Abyss Mage, where switching between elemental attacks is critical. After the stolen book is successfully found and returned to the library, players can wrap up their adventure with Lisa there, which adds even more layers of gameplay satisfaction and character development to the mission.

Noctua Chapter: Act One (Diluc) – Must be Rank 19

Starting in the Mondstadt Tavern, Charles sets out on a fact-finding trip that sparks conversations with city dwellers who allude to enigmatic nighttime happenings in 원신 . Players discover that Diluc, also known as “Darknight,” is the city’s covert vigilante as the night goes on. As the adventure advances, players visit Dawn Winery and eventually go to a tricky cave on Falcon Coast. They must use Diluc’s Pyro powers to defeat shielded monsters and discover hidden treasures there.


Additional duties include gathering Mist Flower Corolla and testing the players’ abilities to control elemental attacks by using them as bait in strategic battles against various slimes. The task culminates in a return to the pub to complete the quest, which entails a calculated defense of Mondstadt’s front gate with Diluc. With this quest, which combines exploration, battle, and strategy, players can delve deeper into Diluc’s storyline and the lore of Mondstadt while sharpening their combat abilities in a variety of settings.

Lupus Minor Chapter: Act One (Razor) – Must Be Rank 21

In Wolvendom, where this mission in 원신 starts, players first interact with Hydro slimes before meeting Razor, a wolf-boy figure who resembles Princess Mononoke. Razor introduces players to the principles of hunting by asking for help gathering meat. Those who already have raw meat can readily skip this first task.


After that, the journey moves to Mondstadt, where players meet Amber and discover that wolf attacks threaten the village. Players return to Wolvendom after battling various foes and utilizing elemental sight to look for clues throughout the village. Here, they meet up with Razor again and complete the mission’s goal of gathering Wolfhook berries.

Fabulae Textile Chapter: Act One (Xingqiu) – Must be Rank 26

Players start this 원신 quest by talking to a country woman at the Wanwen Bookstore in Liyue Harbor, who introduces them to Xingqui, the quest’s primary character. After meeting with Chang the Ninth in Qingce Village, the mission sends players on a series of events culminating in a pivotal showdown. The mission emphasizes employing more appropriate elemental skills like Cryo or Pyro, even if it involves traveling to the hamlet and participating in a combat situation where Xingqui’s water abilities are less effective against an enemy powered by electricity.


After that, players return to Liyue and engage in brief combat engagements while gathering Cor Lapis fragments from different sellers throughout the city and the Chasm. The mission progresses with increasingly tactical components, such as listening in and purchasing supplies, and ends with a fight against a Pyro-powered Fatui at the Feiyun Commerce Guild warehouse. This battle demonstrates Xingqui’s superiority over Pyro foes despite their difficult strategies, which include shielding spinning blades and invisibility.

A sequence of cutscenes that expand on Xingqui’s persona and past rounds out the task before returning to Chang the Ninth. This mission offers players a rich narrative experience and a greater understanding of Xingqui’s position in the game’s vast universe by combining travel, combat, strategy, and character development.

Monoceros Caeli Chapter: Act One (Tartaglia) – Must be Rank 40

After players finish the Archon quest “Chapter One, Act Three: A New Star Approaches” and obtain a story key, they can start this lengthy quest in 원신. The adventure begins at the Minlin waypoint in Liyue, where players meet Diapai and receive a warning regarding the presence of active Ruin Guards. When players defeat these Ruin Guards, a cutscene revealing Childe’s younger brother Teucer—who wrongly thinks his sibling is just a simple toy salesman—occurs.

As players accompany Teucer throughout Liyue, the story develops as they handle numerous duties and overcome obstacles in warfare, gradually revealing the intricacies of Childe’s double life. Throughout the adventure, players must manage Teucer’s revelation of his brother’s real actions, buy toys, dine at neighborhood eateries, and fight Fatui soldiers.


The adventure culminates at a Ruin Guard research facility, where players must solve complex riddles and engage in challenging combat situations. This leads to a dramatic encounter in which Childe must utilize his powerful abilities to defend his brother.

The adventure comes to an emotional close when Teucer returns to Snezhnaya, and the player and Childe have a contemplative moment. This adventure enhances the narrative experience in the 원신 universe, not only offering players profound insights into Childe’s character and family dynamics but also presenting them with a variety of combat, tactical, and emotional storytelling challenges.

Chapter Aphros Delos (Eula)


Because of her distinct personality and way of communicating, Eula’s Story Quest is comparatively short and funnier than others. Check out our walkthroughs for the Nilou Story Quest and the Nahida Story Quest if you still need to finish any more recent ones.

Chapter of Divina Vulpes (Yae Miko)


The Story Quest will close once you have a brief but entertaining discussion with Yae Miko. This quest is an excellent conclusion to the Inazuma Archon quest line and Raiden Shogun’s.

Chapter  of Cypressus Custos (Ayato)


Ayato’s Story Quest is a fascinating method to introduce the Yashiro Commissioner and advances the plot of Chisato and Kamaji, but it involves much more dialogue and political strife than most others. Check out our walkthroughs for Nilou’s Story Quest and Nahida’s Story Quest if you still need to finish the most recent Story Quests.

Chapter of Umbrabilis Orchis (Yelan)


As usual, to complete Yelan’s Story Quest, you’ll need a Story Key, which you can obtain by doing eight Daily Commissions. You can return to Liyue Harbor by completing the first quest in the chain after finishing the last step of the Perilous Trail Archon Quest.

Chapter of Acer Palmatum (Kazuha)


Kagotsurube Isshin is a special four-star weapon that cannot be refined to gain more passive skills. Its base attack stat is 42, and at level 1, its secondary stat increases the user’s attack by 9%.

Chapter of Vulpes Zerda (Tighnari)


The Unanswerable Problems quest, commonly called the Vulpes Zerda Chapter or Tighnari’s Story Quest, becomes accessible upon reaching. 

Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter (Nahida)


Act One

Nahida’s Story Quest will conclude with this brief conversation. Though the Traveler ultimately decides against telling her about Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, they have concluded that it might be better.

Act Two

the region south of Sumeru City and have another conversation with the Hydro Fungi. With this, Nahida’s Story Quest’s second act will be over.

Chapter of Vultur Volans (Alhaitham)


Go to Alhaitham’s house to discuss the Siraj matter one last time. Even though you’ve seen Kaveh since the previous Archon Quest, this will be your official first encounter with him.

Chapter of Mantichora (Dehya)


Dehya, the brave Eremite warrior, has a quest line called the Lionsblood Quest or Mantichora Chapter.

Chapter of Felis Fuscus (Lyney)


The Forgotten Thief quest, also known as Lyney’s Story Quest, revolves around magic and mystery. Put another way, it was the ideal journey for the most well-known magician in 원신.

Carassius Uratus Chapter (Yoimiya)


Act Two

You must have an Adventure Rank of at least 40 to begin Yoimiya’s Story Quest, commonly called the Star-Pickers’ Passage quest.


Temples are dungeons that can be unlocked and contain a trial. You’ll receive gifts and adventure experience points the first time you finish them. The temples found in 원신 are as follows:

~Temple of the Falcon: Level 15 Requirement

Temple of the Wolf: Level 15 Requirement

Temple of the Lion: Level 18 Requirement

World Quests

Side missions known as “World Quests” can be found all around the globe. They typically have riddles attached to them and frequently provide you with information about the particular area in which they are found. Thank you for reading the KRwin guide. The following World Quests can be found in 원신:

Time and the Wind

Luhua Landscape

Nine Pillars of Peace

Seirai Stormchasers

Relics of Seirai

Nameless Treasure

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