The Deep Dive into Capcom’s 드래곤즈 도그마2

드래곤즈 도그마2 Walkthrough & Guide

Capcom is the developer and publisher of the 2024 action role-playing video game 드래곤즈 도그마2 . The game, a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma, is in a parallel universe with a fantasy theme.

Here is the 드래곤즈 도그마2 Walkthrough & Guide from KRWIN. With many hints and insights to aid you, this 드래곤즈 도그마2 walkthrough will lead you through all of the game’s key quests. Collectibles, optional mysteries, and boss and monster strategies will all be covered in this tour.

드래곤즈 도그마2 has no game modes or challenges to select from. It’s easy to start; choose a new game and make a character.

You will take control and begin the first of several primary quests, Gaoled Awakening, after constructing your Arisen.


The Gaoled Awakening

The Arisen is put to work after awakening in a prison camp until an enigmatic character steps in to assist you in escaping incarceration with the aid of an unexpected ally.

Tale’s Beginning

After escaping the prison camp, you awaken in the remote woods far to the north. You travel to a nearby camp with the aid of some knights, where you discover more about your abilities.

드래곤즈 도그마2 Map

Use our 드래곤즈 도그마2 Map to locate Golden Trove Beetles, Campsites, Seeker’s Tokens, and more. Over 3,000 places have been monitor!

In Dragon’s Wake

Discover more about your bond with the dragons, then proceed south to Melve, a village where a dragon was recently sighted. Following a flashback showing how the Arisen get their powers, knights show up to take you to Vernworth’s capital.

Seat of the Sovran

A knight named Brant, who thinks you are the real Arisen, offers to help you become well-known and usurp the queen and fake Sovran after you arrive in Vernworth. To find out more, talk to him at the Tavern after hours.

Captain Brant’s Requests

Captain Brant will give you the assignments for the upcoming big quests. Only a few must be finished out of seven to earn enough fame to be present at the false Sovran’s coronation. The first three Brant requests that are open are:

Monster Culling

Among Brant’s quests, this one is the most prolonged and most significant. He requests that you take care of three groups of creatures posing a threat to the knights in the Vernworth area. Trevo Mine, Harve Village, and eastern Vermund are the three localities.

Disa’s Plot

Brant requests that you enter the palace covertly and look through the queen regent’s office for evidence of her wrongdoings.

The Caged Magistrate

The Caged Magistrate Brant requests you to enter the Vernworth Palace’s dungeon and locate the detained former magistrate. But he will only go once you locate him somewhere else to hide. You must complete The Heel of History, a separate quest, to do this.

An Unsettling Encounter

Brant requests that you break into the palace once more, go into Allard’s ministerial office, and look into the delivery of an enigmatic box.

The Stolen Throne

In an attempt to confront the phony Sovran face-to-face, The Stolen Throne Brant requests that you break into a masquerade party being held in The Royal Quarter. You will require a set of Courtly Clothes to complete this quest.

The Nameless Village

When you discover more about the fake Sovran, Brant asks you to investigate eastern Vermund to learn more about his past. This will lead you to a hidden village where you must pass a test to gain the residents’ confidence.

The Arisen’s Shadow

The actual start of this quest is a coincidental encounter in Vernworth with an enigmatic man. You must wait for Brant to question the mystery man to learn additional details after foiling his assassination attempt.

Feast of Deception

Finally, Brant will allow you to witness the crowning of the phony Sovran. Please put on your courtly attire and accompany him to the palace.

Nation of the Lambent Flame

Brant advises you to travel to Bakbattahl in the south to learn more about the enigmatic artifact known as the godsway after seeing the power of the imposter Sovran at the coronation. He grants you a Border Entry Permit to facilitate your travels.

Proceed to the border crossing and then take the route south to Bakbattahl.

Flickering Shadows

Go inside Bakbattahl to learn more about the enigmatic godsway. This will bring you to two significant NPCs who will help you on your journey: The Dragonforged and the Oracle.


You investigate the enigmatic Seafloor Shrine that has surfaced from the waters of Harve Village Bay as you search for the truth behind the godsway.

A New Godsway

We visit Ambrosius in the Forbidden Magick Laboratory with the Dulled Godsbane Blade in hand to see if he can assist us in regaining the relic’s potency.

The Guardian Gigantus

Towards the Moonglint Tower, follow Phaseus to the south. Along the route, we shall come upon the Guardian Gigantus, an adversary from the past.


Return to where our adventure started—the excavation site at the foot of the Moonglint Tower. Ascend to the tower’s summit, where we shall begin our last meeting with the dragon.

Warning: This section contains major spoilers regarding 드래곤즈 도그마2 ‘s finale and post-game stuff. It also goes over the game’s endgame in length.

Dreams Apart

You have escaped observing one’s designs and are currently in a “world unchosen,” gradually fading into nothingness. You go out to discover this lost planet, but before you can, we must return to Bakbattahl and get our Pawn.

A Scholarly Pursuit

As you got closer to one of the red beams falling from the sky, an enigmatic statue of a dragon appeared. Accompany Phaseus as they explore the peculiar artifact and prevent Bakbattahl from being overrun.

Halls of the First Dawn

You go back to the Seafloor Shrine to talk to Rothais; he has some new knowledge on the world that is doomed and the watchful one. If you enjoy reading this article you can also check out KRwin , home of different enjoyable games.

In the second part of Halls of the First Dawn, you must persuade citizens of five separate cities to flee and visit the Seafloor Shrine. The quests and five cities are:

  • Vernworth – The Regentkin’s Resolve Walkthrough
  • Bakbattahl – Civil Unrest Walkthrough
  • Sacred Arbor – Wandering Roots Walkthrough
  • Volcanic Island Camp – The Importance of Aiding Ernesto Walkthrough
  • Excavation Site – Shepherd of the Pawns Walkthrough

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