Unlock the Secrets of 갓오브워 : Essential Tips for New Players

Essential Tips for Navigating the Updated World of God of War

With its recent PC release, 갓오브워 is a very different game from previous entries in the series so that it can catch you off guard. With many new features and systems, it dramatically redesigns exploration, combat, and gameplay advancement. As a result, some of these new features could seem strange and disorienting when you first begin the game’s story. 


You may be surprised that the game allows you to explore a sizable, primarily open region of extra activities. You can even earn experience points (XP) to unlock attacks from a multi-branch skill tree. Regarding experience points, 갓오브워 features an RPG-style progression system that lets you create and enhance your armor. We’ve put up 11 basic recommendations to assist you in playing the game more effectively because so many new systems are in use. 

 Do you have any helpful advice that isn’t on this list? Tell us in the comments section below. Make sure to read the review for God of War. See our progression explainer for further guides. Additionally, you may view our collection featuring the most awesome Legendary armor sets in the game.

Take Your Time Exploring Optional Areas 

As mentioned, the most recent 갓오브워 framework is much more open. The game is initially linear, but after you arrive in the Lake of Nine, you can explore other locations and look for more resources. Although you can pick from where you left off in the story, it’s best to explore it since it will reward you with more equipment, crafting supplies, and Hacksilver. 

Even secondary missions with their distinct narratives and in-game prizes can be found. In the meantime, you will gain experience points (XP) from the optional battles you participate in throughout the game, which will unlock other skills on the skill tree. Though the primary plot of 갓오브워 is fantastic, don’t overlook its supporting material. Every realm has a hidden cache of goods and mysteries worth exploring. These are hidden throughout the edges of the realms.

Explore But Make a Detailed Analysis 

Carefully explore every inch of the surroundings when you’re out and about. There are countless treasure chests around that are brimming with goods and resources. Furthermore, if you come across any Runic Chests, open them carefully since they typically hold valuable performance-enhancing goods like Horns of Blood Mead and Idunn Apples, which raise your maximum health and Spartan Rage meters. Unusually, runic chests or hidden riches will be ability-locked, so be sure to look carefully around you for the answer.

Remember to Take Quick Turns 

God of War’s over-the-shoulder perspective means that you frequently have to retreat from a gathering of adversaries when engaged in combat. While you can usually maneuver out of tight spots, there will occasionally be fights in places where you don’t have much leeway. Fortunately, a rapid turn feature can be used by holding down the directional pad. This is a fast move that may be a little confusing at first, but it can save your life if an attacker is going to attack you from behind. Avoid mashing it, as you will probably unintentionally quick-turn twice, returning to your starting position and leaving yourself wide open to a straight attack. 

Utilize and Tailor Your Runic Powers 

Although your natural tendency may be to defeat enemies using the usual strikes and combos at your disposal, remember to use your Runic strikes as well. You can equip your weapons with these potent special moves, activated by holding L1 and pressing R1 or R2. Runic Attacks come in two varieties: Light and Heavy. The game has many distinct Runic Attacks, each with special effects, characteristics, and cooldowns. Even better, you can increase their power by upgrading them with XP. 

 Although they work well independently, a well-timed Runic Attack can intensify the effects of a potent combo and swiftly reverse the course of any difficult encounter, providing you the advantage when it looks like you won’t make it. Throughout your adventure, you amass an abundance of Runic Attacks. Try a variety of runic attacks to determine which ones work best for your playstyle.

Select Your Skills Carefully 

In the first five to six hours of your journey, you are awarded only a few experience points (XP). You’ll have to decide which combat skills to prioritize learning because there are few. Combat talents such as Guardian Sweep and Grinding Storm are excellent picks if you frequently feel overpowered by opponent groupings. However, if you instead concentrate on gradually dealing a lot of damage, give the Rage Combat tab’s skill unlocking top priority.  

There’s little space early on, so it’s critical to consider which skills best fit your playstyle. You will eventually unlock every skill in the skill tree as you earn enough experience points (XP). Don’t worry about being forced to prioritize some skills over others the entire way through. Till then, pick your talents carefully.

Use Your Creativity in Combat 

You can use many maneuvers in combat—almost too many at first, as seen from the Skill tree. Don’t let that deter you, though, since these attacks can be combined into several potent combinations and utilized in various scenarios. 

 Researching your options can help you fight more effectively. After learning a new ability, understand its characteristics, such as how long it takes to use, how it affects opponents when it hits them, and whether it can be coupled with other attacks you already know. After you know better how an attack functions, think about which Runic Attacks would go well with the combinations you want to make. 

 Don’t feel like you have to attack opponents in a certain way because 갓오브워 gives you much creative freedom. Be flamboyant in a battle if that’s how you like to be seen. You’re free to attack with greater precision if that’s how you choose to operate. There is rarely a bad strategy. You can be as creative as you desire if you know the fundamentals of protecting and dodging.

Atreus should be a key component of your combat repertoire. 

At first, Atreus might not appear like the most powerful ally because he doesn’t accomplish anything for you, and his arrows only damage a little. But as you go, Atreus learns additional melee skills and weaponry, which makes him an invaluable combatant. He ultimately begins jumping on foes to choke them, for example, allowing you to punish them with a lethal combo. Although such moves are useful, Atreus’ Light and Shock arrows, which cause potent status illnesses, are his most powerful weaponry. We advise employing Shock Arrows in most battle scenarios because they temporarily render foes immobile. 

 Atreus can also be quite helpful in deflecting aggro from you if you’re besieged by a group of formidable enemies and low on health. This will give you ample time to reconsider your attack plan or look for nearby health items. Even stronger enemy attack animations can be interrupted by him, saving you the trouble of dodging or blocking them. And as if that wasn’t enough, he eventually gains the ability to summon Runic Summons, which are very helpful in controlling crowds.

Select A Playstyle And Adhere To It 

You have a surprising amount of freedom in 갓오브워 to adjust Kratos’s stats to suit your playstyle. Kratos can be customized to fit into a wide range of class archetypes using the available armor and enchantments. You can become a combat mage by improving Runic attack power and cooldown timers. Or you can go into the conventional tank class path by min-maxing strength and protection. Consider carefully which battle statistics are most important to you, and then stay with it. The sooner you can direct your crafting resources toward a particular playstyle, the better.

Be sure to re-equip your charms. 

You will ultimately find or buy a new suit of armor to replace your worn-out one. It’s possible to become so engrossed in the pleasure of donning a new set of armor that you neglect to re-equip all of the enchantments from your previous armor onto the new one. Avoid this error unless you enjoy being in a disadvantageous position when playing.

Capture Yggdrasil Dew. 

Half-arched trees that give Yggdrasil Dew, a bright item, are distributed around the area as you navigate between realms on your boat. A quick boost to one of Kratos’ stats—such as strength, defense, or vitality—is provided by this unique collectible. When traveling, look for these unusual-looking trees, and make it your mission to gather the Yggdrasil Dew tied to them. Your time is wisely spent on them.

Fulfill the challenges of Niflheim and Muspelheim to obtain legendary gear. 

The realms known as Niflheim and Muspelheim are later on and are entirely optional. We strongly advise you to visit each realm and finish the challenges there without giving away anything about what you do in them. When you finish them, you’ll receive unique crafting materials that you may use to construct some of the best armor in the game. If you’re interested in playing more games like this, Visit KRwin and get your Welcome Bonus!

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