카트라이더 : The Skyrocketing Rise of Multiplayer Kart Racing

As soon as it was released in 2004, the 카트라이더 series from Nexon became an instant success in the Asian market. The following year, in 2005, an official league was established due to the enormous popularity of the game. Due to its growing popularity, it now has more than 380 million players on the PC alone. Over the past 19 years, the multiplayer kart racing scene has become extremely popular due to the game’s characters, gadgets, modes, and simple gameplay. 

 The most recent installment in the 카트라이더 series, 카트라이더: Drift, takes cues from previous games in the series and takes it to the next level by introducing new game modes, increasing the number of customization options, and enhancing the visuals with the help of Unreal Engine 4. 


Players can now access the first game season for free on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, mobile devices (iOS and Android), Steam, and the Nexon Launcher. Players can now access the first game season for free on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, mobile devices (iOS and Android), Steam, and the Nexon Launcher. Season 1 has officially arrived. Consequently, this means that racers worldwide can enjoy the thrills of cross-platform, cross-play kart racing against gamers on consoles, mobile platforms, and personal computers. First things first: before you get behind the wheel, here is a list of things you must know. 

1. The Fundamentals

The 카트라이더 : Drift video game is a multiplayer kart racing game that is available for free. It has typical racing through the Speed Mode, kart battles through the Item Mode, and additional surprises. The online game supports growth and play across several platforms, allowing you to compete against your friends. However, many configurations are available to accommodate different players, making the controls suitable for beginners. After you have launched the game, you will be welcomed by a small android named Joy, who will assist you in learning the fundamentals. You need to get familiar with the controls, know when to drift, learn how to use objects, and learn everything else you need to know to get started on your journey to become a track legend. 

2. Transform the Game into Your Own 

 The level of customization in 카트라이더 : Drift is extensive, with over 20 characters initially available, each of whom may be customize with various looks and clothes. Various karts are available, including racing karts with a contemporary appearance, fire engines, mining karts, hover cars, and more! You can customize your character by editing their colors and decals (more on that later). Nexon has provided players with various opportunities to express themselves through an anime art style, vivid visuals, and careful attention to the minute details surrounding each character’s attire. 

3. Changing Up the Gears

 카트라이더 has five game modes: Float. Item Mode lets you fire missiles or barricades against opponents. Speed Mode is a booster-powered race to the finish. Additional game modes like License Mode, Time Attack, and Custom Race let you create or join a custom race event. You can play alone, with a companion, or in a squad. In these modes, the goal is to help any team member cross the finish line first, resulting in the team’s triumph. In the lobby, over eight racers can fight free-for-all or four-on-four. Everyone needs different skills to succeed, but various races keep things fresh. The Premium Racing Pass unlocks daily and weekly challenges, personalization items, and awards for those seeking more substance.  

4. Are you licensed? In what capacity? 

There are a lot of racing challenges and minigames in License mode. These minigames and challenges will teach you how to raise your timings and help you improve your skills by playing side missions. There are numerous licenses, each with progressively more challenging obstacles and even more substantial prizes. As a reward, you will receive exclusive deals and things that may be customize to let other racers know who the winner of the kart racing competition is. For instance, if you are the first to cross the finish line 10,000 times, you will be awarded the much sought-after Throne decal. In addition, licensing Mode enables you to acquire additional tracks specific to each licensing, as well as distinctive skins for several different characters. 

5. Simple to Learn, Difficult to Master 

It is possible to differentiate yourself from other racers by improving your skill, even though 카트라이더 : Drift is design to be easy to learn and experience. However, slightly different methods are require to succeed in each mode. In the Item Mode, defensive equipment is necessary if you want to be the first player to cross the finish line.

If you are currently in first place, you are a challenging target for anyone interested in slipping into that position. In Speed Mode, where drifting can fill your boost gauge, having a bad drifting technique might cause your speed to decrease, which can be the difference between winning gold and not winning at all. In addition, the correct drifting technique is essential to get the highest possible position in the Time Trials and to climb the scoreboard. 

6. The green light: GO! 

Right out of the gate, the first season of 카트라이더 begins with the first of two in-game collaborations: 카트라이더 : Drift x Porsche. This cooperation provides players with limited-time goodies exclusive to the high-performance sports car manufacturing company. Throughout the first season, players can purchase the legendary Porsche 718 Boxster convertible, 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, and Macan GTS karts. 

+If a racer logs in during Season 1, they will have immediate access to the 718 Boxster. On the other hand, the Macan GTS kart may be acquire by earning level 30 on the racing pass. Players will now have the chance to interact with two characters from the renowned Nexon franchise in the 카트라이더: Drift x MapleStory collaboration, which will take place immediately after the debut of Season 1. The eight new race circuits, two new Grand Prix modes, new cosmetic items, kart accessories, a new upgrading system, and a new racing pass offering free and paid tiers are coming soon. The first season of 카트라이더 is pack with even more things that fans of the game enjoy. 

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