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Naver Sports KBO

Korean Baseball Organization: An Overview

With ten teams that play for a title each year, the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) is the top baseball division in South Korea. Founded in 1982, the KBO has developed into one of the nation’s most well-liked sports leagues, with a devoted fan base and intense rivalry.

The league’s origins may be in the early 1900s when American soldiers and missionaries brought baseball to Korea. Due to the sport’s rapid popularity, the first professional baseball league was established in 1982.

The KBO has grown significantly since its founding in terms of player caliber and fan support. Numerous gifted players from the league have had prosperous careers in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the US.

The KBO is renowned for its genuine fan following, competitive play, and exciting environment. Teams from various towns and areas compete in games held in stadiums nationwide. The league has also embraced technology, allowing fans to watch games online and on television.

Latest News in Naver Sports KBO

The 2024 Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) season will feature several changes. The season kicks off on Saturday at 2 p.m. with five games spread out around the nation.

Numerous rule modifications will occur on the field.

Naver Sports KBO

The KBO will unveil the automated ball-strike system (ABS) after a test run this month during the preseason. According to the league, the ABS, also known as the robot umpire, operated with almost flawless precision, and they expect this to continue during the 144-game regular season.

When calling balls and strikes, the ABS tracks the ball and sends the information to the home plate umpire via an earpiece.

Following Major League Baseball’s (MLB) example, the KBO will restrict infield shifts this season. There must be a minimum of two infielders on either side of the second base and four infielders with at least one foot in the infield dirt.

The Korean League’s expansion of the bases from 15 to 18 square inches may result in more steals.

KBO Pitch Clock

Naver Sports KBO

The pitch clock, however, will not be used until 2025. The pitch clock was primarily responsible for the MLB game duration reduction last season, which is why the league initially intended to use it for this season. Teams in this area objected to the abrupt change. They demanded that the clock be tested during the season’s first half, with club representatives making the final decision on whether to activate the clock for the second half.

Following increased opposition during this month’s exhibition season, the KBO declared on Thursday that it would postpone implementing the pitch clock until 2025.

Pitchers have 18 seconds to deliver a pitch with the bases empty and 23 seconds to deliver a pitch with runners on while the pitch clock is activated. The KBO stated that while the regulation won’t be severely enforced, umpires will notify those who break it.

The Doubleheaders

Oh Ji-hwan of the LG Twins

Doubleheaders will be played from the start of the season, unlike in years past when they were used to make up for canceled games.

This year, Friday and Saturday cancellations will be rescheduled as doubleheaders for the following day. In July and August, there will be no doubleheaders.

The customary All-Star break will be reduced from seven to four days. In 2024, the All-Star Game will be July 6, and the midseason break will be July 5–8.

This ensures the winners are crowned by October rather than mid-November, as in recent years. Korea will strive to give its KBO-star-loaded national squad adequate time to prepare for the November World Baseball Softball Confederation Premier12 event.

The Hanwha Eagles’ reunion with Ryu Hyun-jin, their former ace, was the biggest offseason squad change.

Ryu returned to the Eagles in February on an eight-year, 17 billion won ($12.7 million) contract after 11 years in MLB. His presence at the top of the Eagles’ rotation made them postseason contenders instantly.

The Eagles only made the playoffs once without Ryu, from 2013 to 2023.

Additional Naver Sports KBO

Yang Hyeon-jong of Kia Tigers

Even though Ryu did not pitch in either of the preseason games on March 9 and 10, Eagles fans, who are already regarded as among the most loyal in the KBO, responded to Ryu’s signing by flooding their 12,000-seat home stadium in Daejeon, 160 kilometers south of Seoul.

This year, the Naver Sports KBO is hopeful that Ryu’s presence will lead to a significant increase in attendance. With a little over 8.1 million people witnessing KBO clubs play in 2023, marking the third-highest attendance in league history, the future looks promising.

Attendance might easily top 8 million again if the Eagles can push for the postseason. The two of the league’s most popular teams, the LG Twins and the Kia Tigers, contend for first place, as many analysts predict.

The Twins will attempt to become the first team since the 2015–16 Doosan Bears to repeat as champions after snapping a 29-year title drought last year. (Yonhap)


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